Thursday, February 17, 2005

Skuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt! & Flash Lite

Forgive me for not writing all that much this week, but I'm in "burn out" mode -- I'm as of now managing development for our UIQ and Java Jellingspot client, trying to get JDS working on Windows, re-working a new website (and its content), moving websites to new servers, making brochures for our Novy Smichov pilot, and basically going KUuuurazy! I want to comment on Flash Lite, as it's the buzz word from last week (and this week) because of all of the wireless / tech conferences going on, but it might take me another day or two to get to it. If you're interested in this subject, Blogger Bryan Rieger is giving it some attention, as is Justin Everett-Church. Stay tuned, I'll get to it myself ...

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