Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jellingspot White Paper: Cinemas / Multiplex Theatres ...

Well, I'm gonna be making a series of website changes to the Jellingspot site this weekend, again, I hope -- I have started by adding a new white paper to the Jellingspot website, targeted at Cinemas / Multiplex Theatres (Warning: .PDF 350kb). I'm sure the white paper can be improved (you ever re-read your own work so much you get sick?), but I think it clearly makes its point why Cinemas / Multiplex Theatres can benefit by using Jellingspot (I stayed away from the Open API stuff, not to mention complex high-level speak about how Jellingspot is a platform that acts more like a container and services are like EJBs [which we call .jsbs or Jellingspot Service Beans] ... but, I digress ...).

I will soon publish another for Gaming Stores, so stay tuned.

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