Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nokia N95 vs. Apple iPhone

I don't mean to bash the iPhone -- I haven't seen one nor played with one yet. However, looking at the spec sheet leaves much to be desired, and the marketing for the iPhone (and the idiots in the mass media outlets that keep swearing it's the next greatest thing since sliced bread) is getting pretty damn annoying -- especially for ANYBODY who knows basic things about mobile phones (I suspect, the iPhone will only take off in the U.S. and the U.K. -- whereas the rest of the planet will not buy into the retarded hype ... but I've been wrong before). The iPhone just isn't that great, feature wise -- I like how these guys spoof Apple's famous commericals to compare the Nokia N95 vs. the iPhone.

Now when I go back to the states, I'm going to have to hear all of the parrots ranting about how great the iPhone is -- and I'll be like the guy in the video talking crap about it.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nokia N95: I pulled the trigger

Being the penny-pinching miser that I am, I was kinda skeptical about spending so much on a phone that I didn't think was worth it -- but I did ... so far, the phone is impressive, but it's not blowing off my socks. In the coming weeks, I'll give my impressions of using the N95 in more detail -- and some of the apps I've already started to use (fring, truphone, its maps app, etc...). So far, the phone is good, but has some usability issues I think Nokia could improve. More reporting later ... gotta go search for more fun software to install :-)