Monday, August 29, 2005

New Jellingspot Website... Kinda

Well, I posted up some fragments (yes, I know, pretty freak'n cheesy) of the new website ... my designer doesn't get back until next week, and I don't want to wait anymore (I would have it all up, but I lost most of it in a HDD crash ...). Anyway, check out the main Jellingspot page -- you can even see our flash demo (but this animation is older -- the newest one was lost -- I'll update it once Alexander gets back from his vacation). It's pretty much the same as the latest, but he doesn't moonwalk in the new one (so, enjoy, it won't last for long). Obviously, I could have waited, but I guess this website is a rolling upgrade, so be pateint while stuff changes for the next few weeks (still). It shouldn't look like this (current) site much when it's all done. But, I've been doing blah, blah, blah, so long, so enough ... enjoy.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Spamming solutions causing backlash ...

Well, some may consider it complaining, but I have warned about the alternative location marketing solutions out there that just spam ... the backlash is starting to grow:

This is why solutions that use a client-side appilcation like Jellingspot (and I think Wideray and Bluepulse to some extent ...?) are needed, and not just spamming solutions.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Location Marketing: BlueCasting

Well, seems like the market for location marketing solutions is starting to offer up lots of choice .... this "spam" solution (ie... as far as I know, no client is needed ... it just sends you stuff) from BlueCasting -- the guys who have been in the news lately for spamming people in London with Coldplay material from their new CD -- offers yet another similar soluton to Wideray, Kameleon, Hypertag, Futurlink, and the like ... it's good to see more people in the field, but as I noted in a previous post, I'm a bit nervous about these spam solutions -- there is a back-lash growing against them, I just hope Jellingspot is not caught in the cross-fire.

I wonder, will spamming win over "client" solutions (after all, if people dont' have a client app, how can they use it?) ... or, will there be some middle-ground I don't see, or will everything migrate to a client (let's just call it a browser) type solution? From a power and usability perspective, I'm betting on the latter.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Download page ...

I've added a simple download page for the Windows version at:

You can still nab the Linux version at the previous link, but I believe one of its internal licenses has expired, and I don't have the tools to update the license ... you'll have to wait until Frank gets back (so, in other words, the Linux version is worthless right now).

In the last 3 days since I made the link available to the public in my blog, there have been 22 downloads of the Windows version -- not bad for something not really made known yet -- I'm still holding out on the new website before I go live with everything, but my early adaptors and blog readers can get a taste now ... I also enjoy getting feedback. You can debate, discuss, or bash Jellingspot in our fora, too .... (community website) ....

Once the new website is up, I promise not to post so much about Jellingspot (since the product has taking over my blog lately) .... I'll return back to other things ... however, until then, just put up with me. ;-)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

System Requirements for Jellingspot on Windows ...

It seems a few sites have posted about my blog entry, as downloads for the Windows version of Jellingspot are starting to move quickly (the blog was really intended for my early adaptor audience, but Ooh, well!). Please note, that THIS IS STILL BETA SOFTWARE, so please report bugs if something crashes.

System Recommendation:

- Windows XP with SP2
- 256mb RAM
- Pentium 3 or 4, or AMD Athlon

We HAVE had it working on non-SP2 boxes, but everything has been optimized for SP2 boxes ... there still seems to be some problems between Pentiums and AMDs, but recently we "fixed" that (we hope) ... so, if you're using something older, let us know (if it works or crashes). We have NOT yet tried it on other Win32 platforms (Win2000, Win98, etc...). If there are enough requests, maybe we'll try to optimize it for those platforms, too, but as of now, good luck -- Win XP is our targeted platform.

You can read the requirements for the Linux distro here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jellingspot for Windows: Go Get it!

Well, I have been promising the Windows version of Jellingspot for a while ... what has been holding me up is the new website, since it is pretty cool ;-) However, my designer has bolted for a 3 week vacation and our server just "happen" to crash right after he did, loosing all of the cool stuff, and so we have to wait until he gets back (I know, I know ....) before we can go live with the new site (since he has all of the newest animations, graphics, etc..). However, I have promised so much, I am having a hardtime beliving myself .... so, without any further ado, you can download Jellingspot for Windows here.

Download the Jellingspot-1.61.5.exe ... if you have any problems, then email us at info [a-t] midletsoft [d-o$t] com ... The Linux version is also there for anybody brave enough to install it, along with BlueZ, etc... go for it.

For the Windows version -- don't forget the license key in the license.txt file ... once you open the console (see the icon created on your desktop to start it), put the license in the "license space" there. Again, if you have problems, email. It has some content by default (you can delete it). You'll need a USB Bluetooth dongle and a Symbian Series60 phone (with the Jellingspot client) to use it. Feel free to use it however you see fit (in your shop, office, etc...) -- this does NOT come with the super powerful fServer service (not yet). Just the good'ol fashioned Adpusher and TextBroadcast services at this time.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

FuturLink: Another Competitor

Well, doing my occasional competition scan for Jellingspot, I ran into FuturLink, a Spain based company basically following on the heels of Wide-Ray (who just scored another around of financing .... 10 million USD!). First, I must say, I really like FuturLink's website and presentation ... things could always be better, but for the most part the visuals are good and the site is good at helping novices understand what their technology can do (Way to go guys!). I was actually happy to see another player in the field to help location-marketing grow.

My only concern is, that as our competition continues to grow (generally with large rounds of funding), they will move the industry more and more towards the "spam the hell out of everybody" philosophy, which is really a bad idea (and you see it out there already, people complaining about it). As our solution is opt in with a client-side application (our weakness -- however, or solution is more powerful), we ensured we would not spam people; however, it seems our competition doesn't care (at least, it seems that way, as many of them refuse to state you need some client side application to use their solution). I don't mind the competition, I just don't want to have to compete against party-poopers --- people who will DESTORY the industry before it has even bloomed.

Whatever the case, I wish FuturLink well ... see you on the battlefield!