Thursday, August 18, 2005

System Requirements for Jellingspot on Windows ...

It seems a few sites have posted about my blog entry, as downloads for the Windows version of Jellingspot are starting to move quickly (the blog was really intended for my early adaptor audience, but Ooh, well!). Please note, that THIS IS STILL BETA SOFTWARE, so please report bugs if something crashes.

System Recommendation:

- Windows XP with SP2
- 256mb RAM
- Pentium 3 or 4, or AMD Athlon

We HAVE had it working on non-SP2 boxes, but everything has been optimized for SP2 boxes ... there still seems to be some problems between Pentiums and AMDs, but recently we "fixed" that (we hope) ... so, if you're using something older, let us know (if it works or crashes). We have NOT yet tried it on other Win32 platforms (Win2000, Win98, etc...). If there are enough requests, maybe we'll try to optimize it for those platforms, too, but as of now, good luck -- Win XP is our targeted platform.

You can read the requirements for the Linux distro here.

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