Friday, August 26, 2005

Location Marketing: BlueCasting

Well, seems like the market for location marketing solutions is starting to offer up lots of choice .... this "spam" solution (ie... as far as I know, no client is needed ... it just sends you stuff) from BlueCasting -- the guys who have been in the news lately for spamming people in London with Coldplay material from their new CD -- offers yet another similar soluton to Wideray, Kameleon, Hypertag, Futurlink, and the like ... it's good to see more people in the field, but as I noted in a previous post, I'm a bit nervous about these spam solutions -- there is a back-lash growing against them, I just hope Jellingspot is not caught in the cross-fire.

I wonder, will spamming win over "client" solutions (after all, if people dont' have a client app, how can they use it?) ... or, will there be some middle-ground I don't see, or will everything migrate to a client (let's just call it a browser) type solution? From a power and usability perspective, I'm betting on the latter.

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