Monday, August 08, 2005

FuturLink: Another Competitor

Well, doing my occasional competition scan for Jellingspot, I ran into FuturLink, a Spain based company basically following on the heels of Wide-Ray (who just scored another around of financing .... 10 million USD!). First, I must say, I really like FuturLink's website and presentation ... things could always be better, but for the most part the visuals are good and the site is good at helping novices understand what their technology can do (Way to go guys!). I was actually happy to see another player in the field to help location-marketing grow.

My only concern is, that as our competition continues to grow (generally with large rounds of funding), they will move the industry more and more towards the "spam the hell out of everybody" philosophy, which is really a bad idea (and you see it out there already, people complaining about it). As our solution is opt in with a client-side application (our weakness -- however, or solution is more powerful), we ensured we would not spam people; however, it seems our competition doesn't care (at least, it seems that way, as many of them refuse to state you need some client side application to use their solution). I don't mind the competition, I just don't want to have to compete against party-poopers --- people who will DESTORY the industry before it has even bloomed.

Whatever the case, I wish FuturLink well ... see you on the battlefield!

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