Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Download page ...

I've added a simple download page for the Windows version at:

You can still nab the Linux version at the previous link, but I believe one of its internal licenses has expired, and I don't have the tools to update the license ... you'll have to wait until Frank gets back (so, in other words, the Linux version is worthless right now).

In the last 3 days since I made the link available to the public in my blog, there have been 22 downloads of the Windows version -- not bad for something not really made known yet -- I'm still holding out on the new website before I go live with everything, but my early adaptors and blog readers can get a taste now ... I also enjoy getting feedback. You can debate, discuss, or bash Jellingspot in our fora, too .... (community website) ....

Once the new website is up, I promise not to post so much about Jellingspot (since the product has taking over my blog lately) .... I'll return back to other things ... however, until then, just put up with me. ;-)

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