Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jellingspot for Windows: Go Get it!

Well, I have been promising the Windows version of Jellingspot for a while ... what has been holding me up is the new website, since it is pretty cool ;-) However, my designer has bolted for a 3 week vacation and our server just "happen" to crash right after he did, loosing all of the cool stuff, and so we have to wait until he gets back (I know, I know ....) before we can go live with the new site (since he has all of the newest animations, graphics, etc..). However, I have promised so much, I am having a hardtime beliving myself .... so, without any further ado, you can download Jellingspot for Windows here.

Download the Jellingspot-1.61.5.exe ... if you have any problems, then email us at info [a-t] midletsoft [d-o$t] com ... The Linux version is also there for anybody brave enough to install it, along with BlueZ, etc... go for it.

For the Windows version -- don't forget the license key in the license.txt file ... once you open the console (see the icon created on your desktop to start it), put the license in the "license space" there. Again, if you have problems, email. It has some content by default (you can delete it). You'll need a USB Bluetooth dongle and a Symbian Series60 phone (with the Jellingspot client) to use it. Feel free to use it however you see fit (in your shop, office, etc...) -- this does NOT come with the super powerful fServer service (not yet). Just the good'ol fashioned Adpusher and TextBroadcast services at this time.

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