Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gett'n your 'ProxiDate' grove on ...

I know, I know, I promised to do a review of Jellingspot against the alternative proximity content servers out there, and I promise I'll get to it tomorrow ... running around like a chicken with no head right now. However, my awsome feed reader Omea Pro just pointed me to Engadget's deal on a "Proximity Dating" application which smells a lot like Mobiluck. I haven't yet really went off on Mobiluck yet (but you can see I linked to it on the right side of my blog) ..., but since it deals with Bluetooth, you know I'm all up in it.

This ProxiDating application, which you gotta pay for! -- is meant to find you a hot chick who is dorky enough to be searching with the same application via Bluetooth for some buster with a Bluetooth phone ... Mobiluck is kinda of a "people meet'er" application, while ProxiDate seems to be just for dating. I don't really know, as I won't cough up money to buy the client.

Jellingspot is gonna implement something like this (actually, it was started, but never finished) ... but, this isn't about Jellingspot so I'll shut up. Basically, these kind of applications -- peer-to-peer Bluetooth apps. -- are actually pretty useful and work well in tandem with a "ProxiDate" type night at some pub, etc... but, charging for the application might not be the best way -- or at least, not to get it onto somebody's phone -- they need to work on the business plan ... but, I give'em two thumbs up on the attempt and technology.

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