Sunday, February 27, 2005

I bought a N-Gage QD and got jacked! (Part II)

Well, I called GAME yesterday and talked to customer service -- in all fairness, their people were EXTREMLY friendly and sympathetic to my plight ... my choices: 1. Send it back and get a new one, or 2. Get a complete refund. I told them I'd try to find some cheap cover here, as my time is worth more (going to the post office, boxing it back up, etc...) than the 20 bucks ... but, alas, I can't even FIND a place in the entire CZ that has one in stock, and I'm not about to order one and wait 3 days ... I may as well send the bloody thing back!

So, it's going back ... now I have Pathway To Glory sitting here and can't play it (not that I'm a big gamer) -- sure would be nice if the N-Gage PLATFORM were open, so I could pop it into my other Series 60 phone and play it ... no, that'd be asking too much.

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