Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So, I was just surfing the net, checking out blogs and google hits on proximity services, and I ran into a blurb about Semacode. I checked out their site, and was like, wow -- this is exactly what I've been wanting to do! More so (and better yet), their open source site had downloads ready to go.

If you're too lazy to look, basically, Semacode creates a special type of "barcode" that you shoot (photo) with your camera phone (from their client application), and it will decode that barcode and its content. In most cases, the barcode is generally a URL, which then, once decoded, can open up your browser and surf to the decoded message's site. This means, no typing on your keypad http://www.yoururllongashellmyfingershurt.com -- you can now just take a pic, and surf. Pretty cool.

I installed a client application on my 7560 and it worked 95% of the time (taking a pic off of my LCD monitor) ... my P900 sucks pretty bad, and decoded only about 20% of the time, if that (I even printed the barcodes out, but it didn't help). The cameras on S-E phones suck. Whatever the case, this technology is definately gonna prove useful. The client applications are buggy as hell, they crashed my phones like crazy, too ... but, that's to be expected at this early stage.

Semacode fanatics send their URLs embeded with these barcodes on postcards, add them to business cards, etc... which is what I think I'll do with my new biz cards. You can create your own bar code pretty easily online, or download the server and put it on your own website.

Somehow, someway, this technology (if it's gonna be free to use it for our commerical app) is gonna get put into Jellingspot ... not quite sure how, but I like it ...

If you're a developers in the wireless field, this might be a cool technology to add to your existing application (learn how here) or just to play with. This won't be the last you hear about Semacode from me ...

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