Friday, February 11, 2005

Proximity Content Distribution: Nokia

Yes, I promised to give the Jellingspot run-down yesterday, but I simply haven't had the time to think clearly ... and, right when I thought I was gonna do it, BAM! I find out that big dawg Nokia has entered the proximity server race, too (as reported by Geekzone).

I will go check out Nokia's site later to try to find more info, but it appears that Nokia is doing something similar to Bluepulse, or just plainly straight jacked them (or bought them or licensed it), but it's pretty much the same concept of how Bluepulse does things.

Anyway, in short, it looks like Nokia manages the server, and customers just login to update their specific content modules via GPRS (kinda Hypertag style) and then these little modules transmit the content via Bluetooth to location based smart-devices. This means that it's gonna cost money to do admin, as carriers aren't gonna let you do it for free. Also, Nokia probably will be charging some kinda of monthly access fee to use their network to do admin (plus you'll probably have to buy Nokia hardware?). Let's hope that USERS won't have to pay Bluepulse style. I will do more research on it in the coming week to see how it all works, if they even say how (all of these guys are generally sneaky about how they do things).

All in all, what it DOES show is that the proximity/point server market is REAL when Nokia starts to throw money at it -- and shows that all of those ney sayers are about to be proven wrong. Way to go Nokia -- welcome to the jungle! More on this later ...

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