Sunday, January 16, 2005

Where is my crystal ball...?

In 2003, I was making some crazy predictions about Java on the wireless front. While most people didn't even have an opinion about mobile Java, there were some calling it DEAD back in 2002-2003 .... well, in 2003 I was interviewed about Java (J2ME) on the wireless front by the ultra cool tech investigator Joachim Bamrud for ... you can see what I had to spray back in 2003:

Java Time!

It seems, my prediction has come (pretty much) true ... Java has grown up a bit (however, it's still not where it *should* be) ... I know in North America, ringtones and wall paper still make the most, but Java games are starting to do well ...

One thing about my comments, is that it's hard for them to be wrong since I didn't give specific numbers on WHERE the technology should be -- god I'm smart. I know, that if it weren't for the carriers, it would be higher, but only now are they trying to open up other revenue streams outside of voice and SMS (in Europe) ... while N. America is far behind (generally) in the wireless race, they've caught up fast and I think will PASS slow Europe to the data cruch this year ... time will tell!

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