Friday, January 28, 2005

Week In Review

This week was a rather dull one ... just a few comments on how Skype would make a killer app on smart-phones; how I am basically the last person on the planet to read Crossing the Chasm. As a side note, if you're interested in this topic, my colleague will be discussing such issues [among others] in his blog, The Marketing Booth, which he has just set up -- check it out. And speaking of him, I'm still whopp'n him in Sumo Volleyball 42 - 15 .... is there anyone!?!

Additionally, I briefly dropped some news about Wikipedia's rapid growth (not to mention, I should have included something about the growing popularity of screencasting - which is what I'm gonna learn next) and the screencasting software to help you do it.

Finally, I discussed the growth of Jellingspot -- which I think I'll expound on a bit next week from a "what it can do" view-point.

And I shouldn't miss, the Czech geeks (F5 if it doesn't load up the first time) who seem to be giving New York and Milan a run for their money on the modeling front. Prague always has had its fair share of models. I'm just a bit peeved I wasn't invited to take part in the photo taking, but then again, kinda seems like it was a sausage fest ;-)

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