Saturday, January 15, 2005

Setting up the Blogggggggg........

Well, I have held back for a while starting a blog, but the amount of mis-information and plain'ol stupidity about technology in general is driving me nutz (most of it is not from Bloggers -- more like "mainstream media" -- you know, the dorks who majored in "Journalism" (wooohhhhhh) and now "telling us" what's "hot" and "what's the future." jEsUs .... somebody has to stop them! Bloggers of the World: Unite! This is my small part in the guerrilla campaign against those tech 'tards.

This blog will be focused on dishing out dirt (and I hope sound information) about technological happenings in the world, with a specific emphasis on what's going on in Europe (and to some extent, what's going on in the Czech Republic -- Prague -- where I'm currently stationed). My main interests are OOP (Java, .NET, etc...), wireless technologies (GSM, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, RFID, Point Servers, LBSs, etc...), general technologies (hardware, software), and their application to society in general (kinda like the "Philosophy of Technology" -- how they distort, help, or hinder our every day lives...

Basically, I'm one nerdy son of a beeyotch, and I'll be bringing you some nerdy thoughts that I think you'll find helpful if I'm not too lazy to post. I also (so I like to think) like to pretend I know something about economics and business in general, so I might get on the mic on that stuff, too (as it relates to technology).

So, sit back and enjoy the ride -- I might even dish out some dirt about what's going on in Prague: technology, women, and beer (and here, here, and my favorite here).

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