Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3G iPhone Puzzle

Well, more and more chatter is starting to pick up on the Blogosphere and tech head sites about the pending release of the Apple iPhone II or 3G iPhone. What we do know is that many industry folks with "inside" knowledged, coupled with the statements from carrier CEOs, have pretty much "proven" that a 3G iPhone is soon-to-be on the shelves for purchase.

However, aside from "3G" (ie... a faster connection), what else is a likely "3G" iPhone going to bring? Well, it's really anybody's guess. Naturally, a plethora of folks have demanded, myself included, that integrated GPS be added for once thing, and a more open or friendly Bluetooth environment. Additionally, the ability to code apps and install them (via iTunes AND Bluetooth) is a must (yeah, yeah, I know that the platform is opening, but thus far, it's still a pretty closed one).

I have stated in previous posts what I'd like to see in a "super" iPhone -- basically, the same features that the Nokia N95 has had for more than 1 year. These technical features and abilities, coupled with Apple's great eye for usability, would make it a staple phone in my thirst for phone gadgetry! Let's go Apple! Woot, woot

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