Monday, June 02, 2008

Mobile Slingbox Chill'axing ...

Well, last week I was in the UK on a biz trip, and I did a sweet impulse buy of a Slingbox SOLO at the airport (Terminal 5, despite all of its glitches and its over-price construction costs, it certainly has enough gadget stores in it for the likes of me!). In case you've forgotten what a Slingbox is, it basically is a stand-alone TV server that "slings" (hence its name, clever eh?) or pushes out your home TV connection out to the internets -- and you pick the signal up with a software TV client (on your notebook desktop pc, or mobile device). It works really really well. I watch my Dad's TV back in the states on it from time-to-time. I picked one up mainly so my girlfriend's sister can watch Czech TV while she's abroad (they don't sell the Slingbox here in the Czech Republic, go figure...).

At any rate, the other obvious reason I picked one up is because Sling viewing on my Nokia N95 is *really* good. I mean, REALLY good. It looks super clear and the audio comes in great (*** only via Wi-Fi-- EDGE just isn't fast enough for Sling viewing). Most modern shopping malls in the CZ have free Wi-Fi, so at lunch I'm usually watching the news on my mobile -- and people freak out when they see TV (full screen) on my phone. Even my colleagues who sport iPhones drool at the fact they can't do that (Apple, make a deal with Slingbox to get their client on your new 3G iPhone -- that would be yet another selling point for me to get an iPhone). Check out which devices are currently supported for mobile Slingbox viewing ... (30-day free trial)

Anyway, enough of the rambling -- I have some Slingbox TV to get viewing ...

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