Sunday, May 15, 2005

Jellingspot for Windows ...

Just a quick notice, if any bloggers out there want to try out the Windows version of Jellingspot, write to info {at} midletsoft {dot} com, tell us the hardware you're going to use (which of these phones, BT USB device, and type of processor you have), and we will send you the link. We'll go public with the link soon, but need to finish the new page -- in the meantime, some of you guys can crash test it if you want ... the more feedback, the better. This will only come with the AdPusher and TextBroadcast services ... the more powerful fServer service will have to wait (few bugs to work out on the Windows version -- you can always try the Linux version if you want to test this service...)

Consider yourself a pre-Beta tester if you ask for the link ... so, be nice if you have problems .... report them.

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