Sunday, May 01, 2005

Alive and well .... in GPL Hell

Yeah, it has been a few weeks since my last post ... just busy as heck. First, the Windows stuff is done. It's working (small bugs, I hope releasing it to the public will help us tune things a bit) ... we will release it to some pre-Beta early adpators soon (people who have been waiting for a while) ... I've just been writing some "copyright" stuff for some of the open source stuff we've written (which works with some GPL components we've used). I need to make sure all of the GPL software stuff we've used to get Jellingspot working on Windows has all of the proper disclaimers, copyright info, etc.... and we need to comment, add our copyright info, etc... to those things we've written from scratch. All of it will be released once we go public. Let me say from the outset that the GPL community is pretty wacky ... I've never seen so many zealots in one place. My original view of the GPL community as a "take a penny give a penny" bunch was completely warped ... many of the people in that community (not the stuff we're using, thank god) are nothing but bullies and vultures ... the GPL is more like a pyramid scam than anything. But, I digress.

Also, we're exploring running Jellingspot from a CD (with a Linux distro), so that you can pop in a CD on your Windows PC and use Jellingspot (if that CD boots into that Linux distro ran off that disk) ... I've been reading bunches, but if anybody knows some good distributions to use for this, drop me a line! Basically, we wanna make some image availble on our website, so you can just burn that Linux image to disk, and go ... otherwise, Linux is worthless for most people, since they cannot install, re-compile the kernel, etc... it's crazy (however, our larger customers have dedicated system admins for this, so it's fine -- but, you definately cannot conquer the world riding on the back of Linux). Speaking of Linux, this is why it will NEVER be usuable like Windows, because it's basically open source -- it's meeting the needs its individual developers, not REAL users (ie... the masses) ... I've seen "little" improvement in the last 7 years or so on usability ... pretty poor if you ask me.

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