Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bluetooth vs. UWB: No more ...

While I never really believed the hype some corners yapped about (whether it was Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth vs. wUSB, Bluetooth vs. [Add Technology]), this is good news for both Bluetooth and UWB in particular and the industry as a whole:

I am excited to inform you that the Bluetooth SIG will be announcing its intent to work with Ultra-wideband (UWB) developers to combine the strengths of both technologies. The uniting of WPAN will enable high-speed applications, reduce fragmentation and bring organizations together for the greater good of short range wireless technologies. The ultimate goal is to work towards an architecture that allows devices to take advantage of UWB data rates for scenarios requiring that speed while maintaining backward compatibly with both existing Bluetooth devices on the market and future products not requiring the higher data rate.

Joint development between Bluetooth technology and UWB is the fastest and most economical pathway for both technologies to meet the future demands of manufacturers and end users. This collaboration of technologies will allow manufacturers to maintain existing Bluetooth core values like low power, low cost and unique ad hoc connectivity. At the same time the WPAN user experience will be improved by offering applications with higher data rates, which will make new scenarios and enhancing existing scenarios possible. Bluetooth wireless technologys brand equity, market penetration, and technical and organizational maturity will allow UWB to skip costly time-intensive obstacles in technology and market development by joining forces with a technology that is past that stage.

We are aware that challenges still exist - two UWB technologies, the need for global regulatory approval, as well as interference, interoperability and testing protocols - but, we are certain that this architecture is the best move for the wireless community as a whole. Not only do companies want to leverage investments in Bluetooth technology, but 250 million consumers have also made an investment in Bluetooth technology and will want those devices to work with future high data rate WPAN products.

The SIG and its over 3,400 members should be proud of their past accomplishments and look towards future ones. This public announcement will be the first step in a process to make this effort, and its benefits, a reality. The past has shown that the Bluetooth SIG members and staff can work together successfully to further the technology through programs and initiatives like the new qualification program and testing tools. We will continue to work together in coming months to estimate the timing and requirements necessary to achieve these cooperative goals. As our first priority we will keep its members abreast of all major milestones that occur related to this work.


Michael Foley Ph.D.
Executive Director


Not Earth shattering, but it does give hope to extend Jellingspot to every single PC on the planet with (eventual) native support for wireless technologies compatiable with our technology.... that can't be a bad thing, can it?

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