Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jablotron Car Alarm (GSM/GPS)

Well, I just recently picked up a cool car alarm from Czech maker Jablotron that is GSM and GPS* enabled. My car now has its own SIM card! When the alarm goes off, it calls my phone and sends me SMS to tell me what has been disturbed (door, window, trunk, hood, ignition, etc...). I can send short code SMS messages to arm, disarm, check its status, gets its location via GSM-Triangulation, or get its GPS coordinates. It's pretty neat.

Coupled with a third-party website/partner that can do real time security monitoring for your car, they even allow you to track your car via online maps to find your car anytime you want (I can even see it in my phone browser, which is a good thing too). It will create a "travel log" of locations you visited, too, if you enable it (excellent for supply-chain / fleet management gigs ... or for the psychotic husband tracking his wife's every move). And just to be a super annoying neighbor, I can set the alarm off remotely for 5s seconds, for example, just in case I feel like it (I can set my alarm off from Greece when on vacation if I want -- don't ask why).

All in all, if you're looking for a good autoalarm, check (he said check) these guys out. Hopefully, they'll come up with a GSM-camera for the car, too, so I can monitor my car with video at night -- that'd rock the house. Let's go Jablotron, get the little pin-hole cam hooked up too!

* I was too cheap to put the GPS module in ... it won't work while it's in the garage or in undergroud parking, so for me it was considered a waste of money (3000 CZK, 170 USD, 120 EUR difference) -- but, if somebody steals my car, I'll wish I had it so I could find its precise location [unless they get it into the chop shop quickly], instead of getting 200-500m near it using GSM-Triangulation.


Brooke said...

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Confucius said...

Their sister company, Jablocom, has a similar product. Check out http://www.jablocom.com/products-eye-02.php