Monday, May 22, 2006

My Seiko CPC Watch

For a variety of reasons, I hadn't opened up my RSS client for a few weeks (been pretty busy or gone) ... but the first thing that popped-up when I did was an Engadget story about the Seiko CPC "Bluetooth" watch, which you can find here:

Engadget Story about Seiko watch!

The watch looked cool, but when you dig a bit further, man, it looks pretty big too (as shown here: Big'ol Watch).

So, in honor of this big monster, I decided to make my own "knock-off" version utilizing my Sony-Ericsson P900 ... I will help you make your own version for 100 USD pre-paid (includes sticky tape to hold your giant phone to your wrist). Check it out: My Seiko Knock-off!

Happy Monday Everybody! :P

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