Friday, May 26, 2006

Awsome Build Tool: ProductiveMe's BuildDesk

Well, some old colleagues of mine (who formed ProductiveMe) have just launched their baby, their first commercial release of their totally awsome build tool, BuildDesk. If you're currently coding on the Java platform, this is a MUST tool (if you're responsible for building applications that is).

It helps bunches with the actual build process -- package, obfuscate, create installer, all in one nice GUI. Helps a lot with organizing your builds -- and particuarlly for mobile Java developers, it'll help you code your apps for various platforms (J2ME, PersonalJava, J2SE) and phone resolutions. No more going into your little ant scripts and Java code to tweak the app for various resolutions or the need to include differing splash screen sizes ... you can do it all in BuildDesk. Point, click, compile, done. Plus, it does a bunch more for serious programmers (not shappy hobbyist like myself), so seriously check it out.

They're currently offering their product for 99 USD (but the intro price won't last forever) ... but, you don't have to buy it to try it, so I highly recommend you take it for a test spin, first. It currently ONLY works with the industry's most bad-ass Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, but that'll be changing in the near future for all of you Eclipse and NetBeans junkies out there. You can download it here.

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