Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Forward

Aah, Spring is finally here (although Spring weather hasn't made it yet), so now it's time to loose an hour of sleep so I can gain an hour of daylight! Yippie! (North America springs forward next week ... so for one week, mainland Europe is +1 hour ahead all around [7-10 hours] to mainland US).

Which leads me to my next minor point: How come my Symbian devices didn't change time automatically? Neither my UIQ 2.1 (P900) or my plethora of Symbian Series 60 devices (N-Gage, 7650, 6630) changed. While my PC (Windows XP) and my crusty Loox PDA (Pocket PC 2002) did? If it weren't for them, I'd have my time all screwed up. Certainly, it can't be that hard for Symbian to implement such a simple (but life saving :-) function? Can it?

Anyway ... Happy Spring everybody!

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