Monday, October 24, 2005

Flash Lite: Revisited

Well, I have been reading all about Flash Lite again lately. My main motivation for doing so is because my good friend (and marketing genius) just landed a primo job at Smashing Ideas, a Seattle-based interactive marketing agency, that among many things, is focusing on bringing interactive Flash Lite content to mobile phones for their customers. I believe he might be working on this in the near future, and as he's familar with Jellingspot, I now seem to have additional motivation to bring a Flash Lite service to Jellingspot.

Now, blogger Bryan Rieger (who appears to be moving his blog again) has been discussing Flash Lite for a while, since he and his wife are Flash developers. To make a long story short, bringing cool Flash Lite content to mobile phones with Jellingspot seems to be something down the immediate road we'll think about. Instead of using our static banner rotation service Adpusher (see demo) on Jellingspot, we'll create some "Flash" service where multi-media Flash banners will be viewed. Won't be that difficult of a service to create, so maybe we'll start on it in the next month or so. The problem is just finding Flash enabled phones ... it's just not a standard run-time environment yet like Java on phones. I guess it's coming, it's only a matter of time.

We'll see how it goes -- currently improving the UI on Jellingspot, which of course, you can download and use for free right now.

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Bryan Rieger said...

Oh... damn... forgot to hook it back up. I'll get to that soon.

Regardless, WICKED NEWS!!! Flash Lite support in Jellingspot could lead to some really cool shareable content that could be produced in a fraction of the time compared to J2ME.

But, as you said the runtime is far from common at this point.

BTW - just getting settled back in Vancouver - should be posting more regularily shortly. ;-)

David Stennett said...

Welcome back to N. America! ;-) Yes, Flash Lite isn't common, yet, but no need to be a party pooper -- people said nasty things about J2ME in the beginning, and now it's on every phone just about (even grandmas be sporting J2ME enabled phones) ... Flash will be on soon enough. I need to buy the Flash Lite run-time for one of my Symbian phones ... so I can test. I'm sure you'll have some more ideas as they come.

I believe Flash Lite content could be distributed over the current fServer service on Jellingspot ... download, and if it's supported "natively" it should open the flash player automatically. Anyway, we'll make it easier.

Welcome back!