Thursday, October 13, 2005

Apple's New Video IPod

Yawn ....

Apple released, finally after everybody else on the planet, a video playing version of its popular IPod PAP ... now it's entering PMP (no, not pimp ... Personal Media Player ... even if Apple is denying it) status .... as I posted eariler, it's almost laughable how Apple gets big headlines for releasing new toys that other people have been making for a while. What I *do* like is that Apple has forged a few deals to bring TV shows to the IPod's screen, allowing you to purchase for $1.99 TV show episodes... that's actually kinda cool, I guess if you think people watching idiotic TV shows on the run cool (minus the Simpsons of course) ... but, as I noted, others have been doing it for a while, and doing it in a much cooler fashion using TiVo.

Of course, Apple's IPod is pretty slick in terms of size (but then, again, only a 2.5" inch screen, so what should you expect?) ... not to mention, Apple's probably illegal deal with Samsung has given them a slight advantage in getting new memory goodies (hence smaller devices) ... putting them (seemingly, innocent until proven guilty!) into the same bowl as Microsoft, who Apple fanatics like to bash as a bully .... whatever the case, if anybody can help mobile video get popular, it's gonna be Apple.

Way to go guys ...

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