Monday, September 07, 2009

No SMS vCards on iPhone?

Unless I haven't figured something out, it seems you cannot send a vCard via SMS from say, a Nokia (in this case my wife) to an iPhone (in this case, me). WTF? I remember being able to do this back in the old skool days with my Siemens C35i phone, but I can't get a .vcf (vCard) file sent to my iPhone via SMS? Please somebody tell me that I am just doing something wrong?


agbanks said...

I can't find any way to do this either. The text of the VCARD comes through correctly in the SMS but the iPhone has no idea that it's anything other than a normal message. Apple "not invented here" syndrome?

David Stennett said...

Apple likes to control eveything. I'm sometimes surprised you can even send a SMS with the iPhone (instead of making you use some iProduct). You can't even send Bluetooth objects to an iPhone either. The phone is really closed. This is why Apple has been successful, though ... Apple makes goodies for the average Joe, not power users.