Sunday, June 10, 2007

I hate localization: MSN Live Messenger

I think I'm starting a self-trend here -- this is my second post of "I hate localization," this time my target is not Google but MSN Live Messenger. As you'll read from my first post on the subject, I freak'n HATE when I am forced to read information in a language I did not ask to read. In MSN Live Messenger, I have installed everything in English -- the entire UI is in English, but, when I click "Create your own space" or "Share your contact info" or "Share your journal entries" --- guess what language it's in? Go ahead, take a guess. I will tell you -- it's Czech. I do not want it in Czech (are you listening Microsoft?). I want it in English, since my MSN Messenger is in English, it only makes sense. Thus concludes my rant against MSN Messenger -- another application with a poor localization sense.


Satrohraj said...

Stop cursing MSN, google, etc :D
Just change the machine language settings. (Control Panel > Regional and Language Settings)


David Stennett said...

My application is in English -- why can't it go by that? My local settings should be of no concern to Microsoft or Google per se ... it should go by THEIR application, not my settings. Curse them all! :P

My Felt Tip said...

The hell with localisation!

I do not want to be localised; I have the right to do my business in my own way!

And I have the right to go international as well!

Besides, Changing (Control Panel> Regional settings changes everything in my computer including the time-zone (in some cases)!

So, curse! curse!! curse!!! to force localisation!

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern as we can see several times over the year we accomplished different looks to are hotmail, and msn , well to be very honest, just really leave it alone. I my selve i can't even find a in box no more, a page that i can see all my messages 's it is very unethical proccess's. take your new ideals put them back to the drawing board , please as for now I will be using my yahoo account. I guess we should had some choice before accepting this right. Have a great day.