Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Google, sometimes evil, this time just too cool ...

A lot of people both ride Google's bandwagon, and knock it for its ocassional censorship, confusing "rankings" system, its bullying practices, etc... I generally don't comment much about Google (except to say its search engine is still the best), but this time I have to give credit to Google for the cool things they do. This time, I am referring to this new Google feature:

You can type in a plethora of topics, and it will list news articles/abstracts by date ... all the way back to the 1700s! It seems, unfortuately, you will have to pay for access to much of the older material, but it most certainly helps if you're doing research on the evolution of certain devices/technologies. Way to go Google! I was scanning a bunch of topics, and reading abstracts is pretty surreal .... man, how things have changed!

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