Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Intel in Mac: BFD

The whole world is spinning faster again because Apple finally announced they were using Intel chips ... wow, big whoopie, BFD. Maybe I missed soemthing, but I've been using Intel chips for like the last 6-7 years ... sounds like Apple is just catching on, eh? How innovative. What is even funnier is that their entire marketing campaign is focused around the new Mac with Intel being 4x faster .... ha ha ha ha! After hearing the loads of crap sprayed by Mac users who always bent reality to claim Macs were really "faster" than Intel/AMD PCs (their lame ass argument -- Adobe opens faster in it ... ha ha ha! Anybody who does real development, where a processor is really needed, would tell you otherwise), their Emperor Stevie J drops the bomb and spits in their face -- now it's 4x faster. Not 20% faster, not even 50% faster, but 400% faster. With Intel. With the same chip Billy G and his boys have been juiced on for a long-while running.

I can't wait to see how all of the Apple Fan Boys squirm out of this one ... (ooh, wait, now it's faster than PCs ... look, look!)

Only Apple has the marketing power to pull off a big stunt like this ... the rest of us will just be using Intel (or AMD) chips as we have been for the last half decade.


Anonymous said...

Dude, get an OSX life I say.
After using OSX at the lowly 1Ghz level for 3 years I still dont use my 2.4 Ghz Windbloze laptop much.

David Stennett said...

Well, I'm not knocking OS X -- it's legit (thanks to FreeBSD), but I mean come on ... you obviously don't do any real development? I don't any developer who says, "Man, coding on Mac is so much faster" -- usually its, "Man, I love my Mac, but it's slow for development." If you're using your Mac just to surf porn and send emails, then you're probably right, indeed! :-)

apple fanboy said...

dude, do your homework...
if it weren't for apple, you wouldn't even have a computer that would fit in your room...
maybe you should go out more.

you state that "billie and his boys" have used the 4x faster, energy efficient core duos for quite some time now - oh no wait: apple shipped these first (simply because they were brand new - and apple and intel made some kinda deal)...
you seem to think, that apple switched to intel because they always had the best cpus - yeah right. pentium 4 wooohooo.
just in case you didn't notice, p4 is a dead end.
apple switched because they couldn't get their G5 (which is maybe not the fastest, but a very good processor) into their notebook line and intel offered a promising roadmap + the possibilty to port OS X to dell boxes or (as seen in april) let windows run on apple hardware.

and that is just a taste of stuff you didn't even mention in your biased article.
but then again who cares, maybe you will grow up some time and maybe, but just maybe, you try a mac, try its OS and start realizing there's more to a computer than raw tech specs or 1000 of options that give you a headache.
but the pretty neat OS X is another story, as long as people like you dash forward to hate on things they don't know jack about, there will always be flame wars about WIN vs OS X or macs, their performance or price. *sigh*

on a curious sidenote: people that use OS X and defend it as superior have used WIN, most people that hate on OS X haven't used it.
the same goes probably for you and your apple bashing.

by the way: if your developping needs all the power you can get, (at least you seem very eager to have very fast hardware) you could have gotten yourself a quad g5, which is very competitively priced, considering its specs.

have a nice day.
greetings from germany.
nashledanou (or something like that)