Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jellingspot in Action

Well, today I was doing my rounds at the Novy Smichov Shopping Center where we have our Project Novy Smichov under full steam with our Jellingspot Data Server ... I decided to make a quick video (Mp4 Format) of a Jellingspot in action with my P900 ... so please excuse the video quality .. you can't see much, but you can hear a cool "bling" (kinda like the "bling" in Monthy Pyton's film "The Meaning of Life," if you know what I'm talking about...). Once we go live with our 5th store (Palace Cinemas is on deck ... see title graphic), we will make a more professional video you can actually see. This video just shows our Adpusher service in action -- basically, once you connect via a phone with Bluetooth (and our client application), ads will rotate on your screen (in this case, game screen shots from JRC Gaming, one of our customers) ... you can save these ads to your phone's inbox and MMS/Bluetooth/IrDA them to your friends ... or whatever you want.

Also, for those of you out there who haven't noticed much activity on the Jellingspot website, it's because a new website is under construction ... our super bad ass designer Alexander fires me a few new samples every few days ... here is the latest sample. It has all kinds of little flash enhancements all over it, but it's not too robust -- so, we'll see. We want to launch it when we have the Windows stack complete, which I can say is basically done. Once everything is in place, we're gonna come all at once -- and it's coming soon, so stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I think your technology and applications are quite cool, and this is a space with a lot of potential. I've got one question, though -- how do you make people in the stores or shopping center aware of its presence? Just through signs or what?


Carlo Longino

David Stennett said...

Hi Carlo:

Right now, there are some flyers in the stores. On the windows of the stores, they usually sport our logo


Or they put it on their webpage , for example, see: (see the popup)

Or in the case of Palace Cinemas, we hope to have something shown before each movie.

Basically, getting the client on their phones is the "tricky" part --- but they can get the client via WAP Push (send SMS, get WAP URL back, downloads and installs automatically), or they can do it themselves ... the server itself will send out the client eventually -- just tricky to do it, but we'll get to it.

Anonymous said...

BTW, David, how much does it cost for customer to send SMS and get back URL? is ti short code?


David Stennett said...

Hi Dima, in Prague it costs 5 kc (about US .20 cents) ... this is the cheapest we can get it ... this price varies from country to country (ie... what is the carriers cut).