Thursday, March 17, 2005

ADSL or Cable?

Well, I'm moving into a plusher flat, finally, after 2 years of living in a human hamster box (38m2) ... so, I may be a little quiet the next few days, as I'll be moving and migrating my Cable connection over to the new flat ... you'd be amazed how hard this can be.

In Prague, the real estate people are just now getting a clue on how to sell flats via "Ooh, this flat has bandwidth." Generally, before I go see a flat, I know which street it's on so I look up the address on cable provider's site to see if I can get broadband over cable ... it's not so easy, as it's not available everywhere -- so, I generally LOOK for flats on such streets (doesn't mean the building/house has been wired up, though). If I don't see cable, then I have to back up to ADSL -- and I can generally only check this if I have the phone number of the flat (or one in that building) ... a common run through looks like this:

Me (in mangled Czech): Does this flat have cable?

Realitor: It has SAT TV.

Me: No, no, I don't care about TV -- I need cable Internet.

Realitor: Why, you have a phone for Dial-up

Me: Dial-up sucks ass (ok, I don't say that) ... No, dial-up is very slow, I need a broadband connection

Realitor: What's that?

Me: Does this flat have cable?

You get the drift ... now, ADSL is also available, but it's more expensive and slower (and, while available pretty much everywhere, that's still not always the case).

Prices look like this:

Cable: 3mbit Down / 512kbit up = 1500kc (about 67 USD)

ADSL: 1mbit Down / 256kbit up = 2000kc (about 90 USD)

Both generally have a 15-20 GB data limit per month ....

3 times slower and 1/4 more expensive -- f--k that.

This thus means, unlike people who look for flats first, and then worry about that stuff later, my main criterion is: Can I get Cable or ADSL here ... if I can't, no matter how nice and cheap the flat is, they're not getting a sale -- ADSL only flats must be a good deal ... if it has cable, it has a good chance of getting taken by me -- that's just the way it goes ...


Dima said...

He-h, in Kazan i have to pay $150 for DSL setup and connection, $10/month and $80 for 1Gb on 2Mbit/64kbit DSL line, shit, it's too much.

Dima said...

Heh, same shit, in Kazan i have to pay $150 for setup DSL connection, 10/month and $80 per 1Gb on 2Mbit/64kbit DSL line. There is not cable option for my building.

David Stennett said...

150 ? Wow! Man, Putin hasn't been able to drive the price down yet? ;-) My friend in Moscow says he has a 6mbit (or 10mbit, I can't remember) or some crazy speed like that for 20 dollars! You need to get on that Moscow plan ... Ooh, wait, Kazan is a bit out of the way ;-)

Dima said...

Yeah, $20 (not so fast for sure) is true for moscow, but bit far from cremlin prices is different.

Dima said...

I mean not so fast i-net for $20 in Moscow, afaik 128kbit/128kbit unlim for such price, DSL. Probably some cable network can offer more speed but ones are not so stable.
In Moscow i have i-net at office and have not flat ;), so i don't need i-net in Moscow.
In Kazan deepest ass around world, but in russia there are places where ass is more depper than deepest. :)

David Stennett said...

Dima, that is too funny ... Don't worry, it is only recently that we've got good broadband in the CZ -- I was on dial up 3 years ago ... and had cable 2 years ago (320/64) .... things keep changing ... hang in there, V.V.P will get Broadband to everybody :-)